Serious injury sustained in May claims life of accident victim

An Oklahoma woman has died after suffering an injury sustained in a May car accident. At this time, the nature of the serious injury is not known, and the accident is still under further investigation. She was injured while riding as a passenger along Interstate 44. 

The deceased was riding in a car when it was struck from behind by another vehicle. The force of impact caused the vehicle to hit two concrete barriers before coming to a stop. Oklahoma law enforcement is still trying to determine what factors played a role in the accident. It is not known if the other driver was charged after the collision. 

Victims of rear-end accidents may suffer from injuries to the head, neck and spine. Even when considered minor, these injuries can leave a victim in lingering pain and may even affect the ability to work and participate in normal activities. As illustrated by this tragic death, the serious nature of the injuries sustained in these types of accidents can be compounded if the force of the accident causes other impacts and additional damage. Often, rear-end accidents are caused by distraction, speed or another type of reckless behavior. 

Car accident victims may suffer from a serious injury for months before passing away, leaving family members with medical bills and funeral costs. A prolonged period of suffering can be be quite expensive, but this is not a burden that families must carry alone. After the wrongful death of a family member, those left behind can seek deserved compensation from the liable party. A complete evaluation by an attorney experienced in personal injury and wrongful death cases can determine if a civil claim is an appropriate option. 

Source:, "Oklahoma woman dies from injuries in May car crash", June 9, 2015

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