Dangerous property condition accidents: options for victims

If you were injured because of rotted stairs, an icy sidewalk or a malfunctioning elevator, your injuries may not be your fault. In many accident cases, a victim assumes that personal recklessness or clumsiness caused his or her injury, but in reality, it could have been caused by a dangerous property condition. When Oklahoma victims suffer because of reasons beyond their control, it can be useful to understand available legal options.

Those who own, operate, maintain or manage property are responsible for keeping the premises in a condition that is safe for visitors and workers. Failure to keep things in rightful order can needlessly endanger others, and both businesses and private property owners can be held accountable for injuries sustained by visitors, customers and others. If you were injured while in public or on private property, you could be eligible for compensatory damages.

Premises liability cases are commonly associated with slip-and-fall accidents. Many more conditions, however, pose a hazard and may be grounds for a claim, including poor lighting, failure to warn of danger, a vicious attack from an unleashed dog and more. If you are unsure that your situation merits legal action, we will be happy to evaluate your case and determine the legal response appropriate to your situation.

Even a seemingly minor accident can leave an individual with a considerable financial burden. Therapy, rehabilitation, medical bills and missed time from work can impact an Oklahoma family for years. We believe victims of dangerous property condition accidents deserve a full financial and physical recovery, and we are committed to seeking full compensation from the liable party. 

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