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Dangerous property condition accidents: options for victims

If you were injured because of rotted stairs, an icy sidewalk or a malfunctioning elevator, your injuries may not be your fault. In many accident cases, a victim assumes that personal recklessness or clumsiness caused his or her injury, but in reality, it could have been caused by a dangerous property condition. When Oklahoma victims suffer because of reasons beyond their control, it can be useful to understand available legal options.

Serious injury sustained in May claims life of accident victim

An Oklahoma woman has died after suffering an injury sustained in a May car accident. At this time, the nature of the serious injury is not known, and the accident is still under further investigation. She was injured while riding as a passenger along Interstate 44. 

Recovery from a serious injury can take several years

Oklahoma residents who have been injured in car accidents know how difficult it can be to completely recover from the incident. The emotional trauma can have an impact that can last for years, as can any physical trauma. The long and difficult recovery of Tracy Morgan, the famous comedian, illustrates how hard it can be to fully recover from a serious injury sustained in an accident. 

Get the assistance you deserve after a workplace accident

Oklahoma workers who have been injured on the job may find it difficult to get the information and support needed to make a full recovery. While workers' compensation benefits are available to injured workers, the system is complex and, at times, frustrating. After a workplace accident, it may be necessary to secure assistance in order to claim the full amount of benefits needed.