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Premises liability suit filed after man falls due to bad railing

When Oklahoma residents go to a house viewing to potentially buy a home, most don't think about getting hurt while there. However, if the home owner or real estate agent has not maintained the premises as he or she should, it could result in dangerous property conditions. One man in another state is filing a premises liability lawsuit against the real estate agents, the realty companies and the home owner for failing to maintain adequate property conditions.

What benefits are available to you after a work injury?

Oklahoma workers who have been injured on the job know how overwhelming it can be to face medical bills and other accident expenses, all while losing income from missed work. Fortunately, the workers' compensation insurance system provides financial support for those who are unable to work for a period of time. The benefits available depend on the type of work injury sustained and the severity of the injury.

The hidden side effects of car accidents

Victims of car accidents often suffer broken bones, scrapes and bruises. However, it's possible that a serious injury could go unnoticed initially, even though it may ultimately require ongoing medical attention and cause long-term damage. When car accidents cause head injuries or brain damage, Oklahoma victims can face an overwhelming financial burden. Nevertheless, they may have certain legal options to address these issues. 

Fatal car crash kills 3

Three people lost their lives because of an alleged drunk driver in Oklahoma City. Law enforcement officers say that a man driving a sedan T-boned the vehicle with three people inside. A woman died at the scene of the accident, and a man and baby were taken to the hospital, where they both later succumbed to their injuries. The drunk driver was arrested for his role in the fatal car crash. 

The dangers of a distracted driver goes beyond texting

Texting and driving is one of the most common types of distraction behind the wheel, particularly among teenagers. Cellphone use and distracted driving of all kinds places drivers and passengers at a significantly higher risk for an accident and severe or fatal injuries. A distracted driver is a serious danger on the roads and highways of Oklahoma and across the country.