Alcohol-related crashes cost the public $114.3 billion in 2000

Motorists that regularly drive on Oklahoma roadways may not be aware that police reported 1 million car wrecks due to drivers or pedestrians having a blood alcohol concentration of .01 percent or greater in 2000. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 2,163,210 traffic accidents happened that were not reported to local authorities where alcohol involvement was a factor. Almost 30 people die in accidents like these every single day in America. Every 51 minutes an individual dies from alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.

Suggested methods of reducing these numbers include establishing more sobriety checkpoints, increasing the alcohol tax to discourage sales, enforcing mandatory substance abuse treatment for drivers with a driving while intoxicated charge and reducing the legal blood alcohol concentration level. Raising awareness through social media or community meetings could also help reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents.

The costs associated with crashes where alcohol is a factor are significant. In America, crashes of this nature cost the public around $114.3 billion in 2000, with individuals other than the drunk driver paying $71.6 billion. The related loss of quality of life payout estimate was $63.2 billion. For every death that occurs in the country because of an alcohol-related incident, $3.5 million is the average cost to the public. Injured victims of alcohol-related crashes received an estimate of $99,000; that amount reflects $49,000 for related expenses and $50,000 for the loss of quality of life.

Alcohol-related accidents have a negative impact on more than just the drivers involved. The public is also unfairly affected, and raising awareness would be beneficial to many people. Whenever an individual has a serious injury after being struck by a drunk driver, a personal injury attorney might be able to help them receive compensation for the loss of quality of life and related medical bills.

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