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Oklahoma driver allegedly at fault in DUI crash

On Dec. 22, an 18-year-old driver was charged with multiple offenses in connection with an Oklahoma County car accident. Authorities stated that the 18-year-old driver who caused the crash may have been under the influence of marijuana and methamphetamine when the collision occurred.

Injuries and fatalities among agricultural workers in 2012

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries to work in because there is a very high risk for nonfatal and fatal injuries. Oklahoma workers may not realize that agriculture is also one of few industries in which families live on farms together and share in the work, putting family members at risk of injury and death as well.

1 critically injured in car crash at Oklahoma gas station

According to authorities, a car accident that occurred on Dec. 4 in northwest Oklahoma City has left one person in critical condition. The collision happened when a driver crashed through the front of a 7-11 convenience store. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they discovered that the car was completely inside of the gas station.