2 injured in semi-truck collision in Oklahoma City

Law enforcement authorities reported the driver of a semi-truck and the driver of a car were both injured in an accident that occurred on Oct. 22 around 8 a.m. The accident reportedly occurred under a bridge near the intersection of North Santa Fe and Northeast 36th Streets.

According to responding emergency personnel, the semi-truck driver allegedly sped through a light in an attempt to get through it before it turned red. When he did so, he reportedly lost control of the semi and overturned, landing on top of a car driven by the other man. Miraculously, no one was killed in the accident although the car's driver had to be pulled out of the vehicle through the passenger side as the driver's side couldn't be reached.

The truck driver likewise had to be pulled from his truck after first responders broke a window. They helped the man down by using a ladder. Both men were transported by emergency personnel to the hospital for treatment of reportedly non-life-threatening injuries they suffered in the accident.

Many people are seriously injured in accidents each year involving commercial truck drivers. In a semi-truck accident, injuries suffered by those in vehicles around them on the roads can be quite catastrophic. Commercial drivers and the companies for whom they work both may be held liable when the truck drivers negligently cause accidents and serious injuries to others. Victims of truck accidents may benefit by speaking with a personal injury attorney who is familiar with this particular area of the law. He or she can review the relevant facts, determine what claims may be available and help their clients to recover damages for the injuries they received and the losses they suffered as a result.

Source: News9.com, "Two Injured In Crash Involving Semi-Truck In NE OKC", October 22, 2014

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