Work injury can be prevented with low-cost, easy methods

Let's face it: Workplace safety is often considered an optional program in many Oklahoma workplaces. With so many employers worried about meeting the bottom line, it is no wonder that a vast number of Americans are injured at work every year. Although corporate leaders may think that safety programs and initiatives will reduce their profit margin, there are actually a variety of methods that can be used to prevent workplace injury accidents at a relatively low cost. In other words, businesses do not have to choose between profit and worker welfare.

One of the simplest ways to protect workers is to simply raise expectations about safe work practices. Emphasize the importance of taking the time to do work safely and correctly. Make sure that employees know that it is never acceptable to perpetuate unsafe working conditions. The company must "practice what it preaches" by actually emphasizing safety and avoiding punitive action against those who bring up safety shortcomings. Showing that you value worker safety can make all the difference in your performance and injury statistics.

Further, businesses are responsible for providing the right tools for workers who operate in hazardous environments. Many unsafe working conditions are caused by the fact that an employee does not have access to steel-toed shoes or a safety device such as a fall-protection harness. The fact is that a pair of shoes will cost less than a major trauma surgery -- the business should invest in the smaller expense.

Victims whose companies have not invested in these low-cost options to improve safety may be entitled to civil damages if they are injured because of unsafe working conditions. Those victims of workplace injury accidents deserve compensation for their medical expenses and disability. When safety can be improved so easily, there is really no excuse for employers to continue to ignore employee welfare.

Source: Entrepreneur, "6 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Without Going Broke" Phil La Duke, Jun. 16, 2014

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