Mother alleges civil rights violations in wrongful death of son

An Oklahoma City woman has filed a civil suit in connection with the death of her 38-year-old son, allegedly at the hands of police officers in early May 2013. Those officers are accused of using excessive force during the man's arrest. Now, several representatives from the Oklahoma City Police Department are facing wrongful death allegations, in which the victim's mother seeks more than $75,000 in financial damages. The woman is also suing the city of Oklahoma City. She argues that the officers and the department intentionally inflicted emotional distress and violated the victim's civil rights. Oklahoma attorneys may be able to help family members such as this woman identify these potential civil rights violations.

The incident occurred when the victim dialed 911 after becoming paranoid; relatives have since explained that the man was a methamphetamine addict. Officers attempted to convince the man to go to the hospital, but they ended up subduing him. The man was subdued outside of his mother's house. A medical report showed that the victim died because of the effects of methamphetamine toxicity; that report indicated that the physical altercation did contribute to the victim's death.

The mother alleges that the police officers were not properly trained to deal with the circumstances surrounding her son's death. Further, the woman is accusing the department of failing to properly investigate the complaints of excessive force, and she alleges that officers are permitted to engage in unconstitutional behavior toward local residents.

Even those who are being arrested or taken into police custody should be treated with respect. The victim in this case may have been subject to excessive force that caused his untimely death. No mother should have to endure the loss of companionship or pain and suffering that accompany the death of a child through negligence or malice.

Source: The Oklahoman, "Wrongful death lawsuit filed in death of man restrained by police" Juliana Keeping, Apr. 05, 2014

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