Commissioners sued for car accident caused by sign obstruction

A family in Oklahoma is seeking financial compensation from the Board of Garfield County Commissioners, according to official reports. The lawsuit was filed by the 59-year-old male victim's wife after a Sept. 2 car accident last year. The two-vehicle car accident occurred because the at-fault driver failed to acknowledge a yield sign at an intersection in Enid, Oklahoma.

Authorities say that the afternoon accident occurred when the victim's Chevrolet pickup truck was struck at an intersection by a teenage driver. That 19-year-old man was behind the wheel of a GMC truck. The at-fault driver did not obey a yield sign that should have prevented him from striking the defendant.

Although it might seem strange that the family is suing the Board of Garfield County Commissioners, relatives allege that the yield sign was obstructed by vegetation. A concerned citizen had brought that situation to the commissioners' attention just days before the fatal accident. In fact, residents complained on Aug. 26, Aug. 28 and Aug. 30 without receiving answers or results.

The lawsuit alleges that if the defendant had removed the obstructing vegetation, the fatal accident would have never occurred. The victim suffered severe injuries after being pinned in his vehicle for 20 minutes. He suffered wounds to his head, torso and limbs. Even though a passenger in that vehicle survived, the plaintiffs say that the victim suffered serious pain and accumulated significant medical expenses during his last three weeks of life.

The victim in this case is seeking compensation for medical costs, lost income, loss of companionship, funeral expenses and a variety of civil claims. Those who have lost loved ones because of others' negligence may be entitled to similar financial compensation. An Oklahoma attorney may be able to provide additional information to these victims about their legal rights and options.

Source: Enid News and Eagle, "Damages sought for fatal accident" Jessica Miller, Mar. 31, 2014

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