Accident sends 2 to the hospital

Two vehicles can collide in a variety of ways, but rear-end collisions are one of the more frequent types of accidents. Whether a car stops short or a driver isn't paying attention, these types of car collisions can cause a lot of vehicle damage and serious injuries. Two local people, one of which is a Ponca City resident, are recovering from injuries they received after a recent collision.

The accident happened on Nov. 27. A 21-year-old woman driving an Acura was stopped on U.S. 166 waiting to turn south onto 321st Road, southeast of Dexter, Kansas. A 23-year-old woman driving an Impala slammed into the back of the Acura.

Both women were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries. Their condition has not been reported. The report does state that both women were wearing their seat belts.

In most cases, the driver that strikes the car from behind is at fault. However, authorities will investigate the accident to ensure there weren't any extenuating circumstances that could have led the woman driving the Impala striking the Acura. Both cars will be examined thoroughly, and both drivers will be interviewed. If there were any witnesses, they will be interviewed as well. After the investigation is completed, if any citations are needed, they will be handed out.

An accident can be an inconvenience, and a serious accident can be life-altering. Anyone who finds themselves a victim after a car accident can seek compensation for their losses and injuries. A victim could receive remuneration for pain and suffering, lost wages, damage to personal property and for medical bills. An experienced legal professional can help those who wants to pursue damages by explaining what rights they might have and assisting with the process of seeking the relief they deserve after an accident.

Source:, "Two hospitalized after wreck" No author given, Nov. 29, 2013

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