1 man killed; another arrested after Oklahoma City car accident

When a person is driving, keeping their eyes on the road and staying alert to what is going on around them should be the top priorities. However, for some, driving is often accompanied by other activities. From the seemingly innocent activities of chatting with a passenger or changing the radio station, to texting while driving, a distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Ponca City and Kay readers will be sad to know that a family is mourning the loss of one of its members after a car accident.

An Oklahoma City man was killed when he was rear-ended on N.W. 10th St. on Dec. 9. The 27-year-old man was returning home after taking his 5-year-old son, who was also in the vehicle, to get something to eat. The little boy received only minor injuries.

The pair were struck from behind by a car driven by a 31-year-old man. According to authorities, the man stated he looked away from the road for a moment to look at his cellphone just before the accident happened. However, law enforcement believes the man was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash. The man was arrested, but the specific charges he faces were not mentioned.

This is a tragic example of how being distracted, be it by a phone or by being under the influence, can have devastating consequences. Driving under the influence is a dangerous practice, and when combined with other distractions, it can be deadly. Anyone who is a victim of another's reckless behavior has a right to seek compensation for their losses. A legal professional has the expertise to help a person seek the damages they believe they deserve.

Source: KFOR, "OKC father killed in crash, 5-year-old son uninjured; police arrest driver for DUI" Jesse Wells, Dec. 10, 2013

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