Weather leads to numerous accidents

Ponca City residents know what a challenge driving in winter weather can be. Even when it's apparent that bad weather is headed this way, it's easy for a driver to be caught off guard. Many Oklahoma drivers found themselves stuck driving in a wintry mix, and for some drivers, car accidents played the spoiler in their travel plans.

Nov. 22 proved to be a frustrating day for drivers as snow and freezing rain created icy road conditions for anyone who was forced to travel. Authorities responded to at least 40 different accident scenes in Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas. Some of the accidents involved single car events, while others included several cars. I-40 was the scene for several accidents, including a semi-truck accident that brought traffic to a standstill, while another accident required rescue crews to extricate a driver from a car that came to rest on a barrier. There was also a three-vehicle accident and a 10-vehicle pileup on the same road.

Other accidents that occurred include a school bus accident and a pickup truck that rolled over on I-35. Although no causes have been explained for the accident, the icy roads and the inability to stop on the ice was most likely a large contributing factor to the vast number of accidents that took place.

This is why it is so important that drivers adjust their driving habits when driving in inclement weather. You cannot safely drive while doing 70 mph in an icy freeway. Drivers should also allow a safe distance between their car and the car in front of them. Having to stop suddenly does not work very well when driving on an icy road.

For those who find themselves victims of accidents, these people are within their legal right to seek compensation for any personal property damage or medical expenses they might have incurred because of the accident. Speaking to an experienced legal professional can help a person decide if seeking damages is the best for them.

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