Worker injured in oil field explosion

The recent expansion of oil and gas drilling around the country has created a lot of jobs. Unfortunately, many of these jobs are high risk and some workers are being seriously injured. Anyone who suffers a work injury while performing their duties should learn about their options for compensation while they recover. Readers in Ponca City may have heard about a recent accident that injured an oil field worker while he was doing a safety inspection.

The incident occurred early on Oct. 8. A Texas oil field worker was performing a safety inspection of salt water and diesel tanks when one of the tanks exploded. This set off a chain reaction that resulted in nine of the 10 tanks exploding. The worker was knocked from a ladder when the explosions occurred.

Volunteer firefighters pulled the man to safety and extinguished the fires. Investigators are still determining the exact cause, but believe static electricity caused the initial explosion. The oil worker was burned on 20 to 30 percent of his body and is listed in serious but stable condition.

Due to the severity of the worker's injuries, it is likely that he will not be able to return to work for some time. Because he was injured while doing his job, he could file a workers' compensation claim, so he would receive income while he recovers and until he can return to work. Anyone who is injured while doing one's job has a right to file for this compensation. In some cases, a company might try to fight a claim, stating the worker wasn't injured as badly as reported or that the worker was not injured while working at all, which can delay receiving funds. A legal professional who is experienced in handling these types of situations can assist workers who need help unraveling the red tape that can sometimes accompany filing for the assistance that was earned and currently needed.

Source:, "Eagle Ford Shale explosion example of oil boom risk" John A. Salazar, Oct. 09, 2013

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