Woman dies after fall from Six Flags ride; family sues

Losing a family member is heartbreaking; when the loss is a result of someone else's negligence it compounds the tragedy. When someone is killed because of the actions or inactions of another person or company, surviving family members have the right to seek compensation due to a wrongful death. Our Ponca City readers will be interested to hear about a case filed by the family of a woman who was killed on an amusement park ride in Texas.

A family is suing Six Flags Over Texas after their wife and mother, a 52-year-old Dallas resident, was ejected from one of the rides, a roller coaster called the Texas Giant. The suit was filed on Sept. 10. Several days later, the amusement park announced the ride would be reopened, but with new safety features.

The woman was killed on July 19. The coaster was beginning its first steep descent when she was thrown from her seat and fell approximately 75 feet to the ground. Medical examiners confirmed she died from injuries sustained from the fall. Prior to the ride's start, the woman had complained that she didn't feel safe on the ride, but ride workers assured her things would be fine.

The lawsuit also states that Six Flags has known since 1978 that safety belts were needed on certain rides, but have refused to be proactive. The suit further alleges that Six Flags wasn't clear about maximum weight requirements for their rides. The lawsuit asks for at least $1 million in damages.

Hours after the lawsuit was filed, Six Flags announced that the ride would reopen with additional safety features, including safety belts. There would also be a sample seat placed at the entrance of the ride so potential riders could test whether they could comfortably fit onto the ride.

This is a tragic situation, but it also serves as a reminder that when proper safety precautions are not taken, people can be injured or killed. Anyone who is a victim of such negligence could benefit from speaking to a legal professional experienced in personal injury cases. The professional can assist the victims or their surviving family members with determining whether filing a suit for damages is in their best interests.

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