Truck rolls, several injured in accident

Accidents can be stressful events, as well as costly for everyone involved. Damage to vehicles and other property can add up, especially when multiple vehicles are involved. The situation is compounded greatly if someone is injured or killed. Ponca City readers might have heard about a recent truck accident in a nearby city that injured several people.

On Sept. 24, a woman in a car was following a man in a truck. The truck was driving slowly and had its hazards flashing. According to authorities, a semi struck the back of the woman's car. The car then struck the pickup, and the semi rolled as a result of the impact against the other car.

The woman driving the car was taken to a local hospital, but then life-flighted to another hospital with both internal and external trauma. The passenger in the pickup was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, as was the driver of the semi. The driver of the pickup truck was uninjured.

Investigators will decide if anyone will be cited in the accident. The accident scene, as well as all the vehicles involved, will be thoroughly inspected. If there were witnesses, they will be interviewed, as well. The fact that the pickup truck was moving at such a slow speed could be a determining factor. Historically, in rear-end truck accidents, the vehicle that strikes the vehicle in front of it is to blame for the accident. But the car, after being struck by the semi, struck the back of the pickup truck, so it is possible that blame could be placed on more than one party involved.

Accidents like this can be complicated to sort out. This is why it is in a person's best interest to speak with a legal professional to determine if seeking damages for medical expenses, damage to vehicles and pain and suffering is feasible.

Source:, "Truck rolls in accident near Duncan" Scott Rains, Sep. 26, 2013

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