Truck driver killed in collision with failed robber

There have been countless movies that include a bank robbery, when the would-be robber slips the teller a note, she fills a bag with cash and the robber flees the scene never to be seen again. There have also been more flashy versions, when a group of people storm into a bank, guns blazing, sometimes injuring or killing people either by accident or on purpose. Though these movies can pass as entertainment to a degree, when life imitates art, it can result in the wrongful death of people and far from the end result that the would-be robber was seeking.

Ponca City readers might have heard about the robbery attempt that resulted in the arrest of the robber, as well as the death of a truck driver. A 50-year-old man attempted to rob a local bank. He handed the teller a note that allegedly stated he had a gun and wanted cash. For reasons unknown, the man left without the money and without ever showing the gun.

The man fled the scene in a vehicle, and law enforcement quickly began a pursuit. As he was attempting to flee police, he tried to pass an 18-wheeler on I-69A. He collided with the front of the semi, ending with it rolling over on its side. The driver of the semi, 48-year-old Colorado man, was killed. The man abandoned his car and ran into the woods but was quickly apprehended. He faces a laundry list of charges.

The bizarre incident is hard to comprehend, but investigators are attempting to unravel the motivation for the robbery. The man has asked to represent himself, so that might add insight to his mental state. However, the surviving family members of the truck driver have a right to some answers. They also could have a right to compensation because of the robber's actions. A legal professional could help determine if the family can pursue financial damages for the death of their loved one.

Source:, "Murder charge filed in Oklahoma chase fatality" No author given, Aug. 30, 2013

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