Oklahoma worker suffers fractured leg in construction accident

Every worker in Oklahoma deserves to feel protected at their workplace. Even if a job is inherently dangerous, employers are responsible for making sure hazards are minimized if not eliminated. When employers fail to do this, it leaves ample opportunity for workers to become seriously injured on the job.

Last week, a construction worker was injured while working at a site in Enid. According to the Enid News and Eagle, the man was using a loader while working on the demolition of an elementary school. Suddenly, a large piece of concrete fell off of the loader and came crashing through the machine's windshield. The concrete hit the worker, causing a fracture in his leg.

Emergency response crews transported the man to a nearby hospital. According to someone from the construction company, the injured worker was scheduled to have surgery on his leg.

Being injured on the job is never a fun experience. Especially in an industry like construction work that requires manual labor, a serious injury can mean weeks of no work for an employee. While some companies may allow paid medical leave, not all do.

Fortunately, workers' compensation exists to help ensure that workers who are injured on the job are financially supported throughout their recovery process. Through workers' compensation, an injured employee can obtain compensation for medical costs and a percentage of wages during a necessary recovery period.

Not all employers, however, hand out workers' compensation freely. If an employer rejects your claim, it may be helpful to talk to an attorney to learn how to appeal the denial.

Source: EnidNews.com, "Worker injured by falling concrete," Robert Barron, Aug. 15, 2013

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