Hit-and-run crash leaves 2 people injured in Tulsa

When you think of the most dangerous types of car accidents, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of a semi-truck accident like the one we discussed last week. Or perhaps any accident involving a motorcycle comes to mind. While both of those scenarios are certainly dangerous, what about hit and runs?

Hit-and-run accidents are always dangerous because one driver is leaving another behind, likely to avoid criminal charges. What if a driver was injured so badly he can't reach his phone to call 911? Or what if a bicyclist was hit and thrown off into a ditch where no one can see her? When a driver is injured but left to fend for him or herself, the consequences can be devastating. Just last week, a hit-and-run crash in Tulsa left two people injured.

Tulsa Police are continuing to search for a driver that caused a crash last week on Highway 11. The late-night crash happened after a pickup truck that may have been hauling a trailer crashed into another car. That car crashed into a second pickup, sending both off the road until they crashed into a light pole and a tree.

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt in the car accident, but the pickup that caused it drove off without stopping to make sure others involved were OK. Hopefully police will be able to track this driver down so the injured victims can utilize Oklahoma's personal injury laws if they would like to. Although a hit-and-run driver would likely face charges if caught, victims deserve to have the option of holding that driver fully accountable.

Source: News On 6, "Tusla Police Look For Driver Involved In Injury Hit And Run Crash," Aug. 6, 2013