Alleged drunk driver causes fiery crash in Tulsa

We all know the dangers of drunk driving. After drinking, a person's vision becomes severely impaired, and his or her reaction time becomes significantly slower. Despite the fact that these conditions can put an impaired driver and others on the road in grave danger, some people continue to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Early Sunday morning, a serious crash occurred in Tulsa at the intersection of Peoria and 41st. A 25-year-old driver, who police believe was intoxicated, crashed into another vehicle. Shortly after, his vehicle caught fire.

Police say the 25-year-old failed a field sobriety test and exhibited signs of drunkenness, including blood-shot eyes, slurred speech and trouble walking. His blood-alcohol content, police said, was significantly over the legal limit of 0.08. He was arrested for drunk driving.

Fortunately, the other driver was not seriously injured, but not all drunk driving accident victims are so lucky. All too often we see the drunk driver walk away with minor injuries -- or none at all -- while the others involved end up severely injured or worse.

Having to fight to recover from serious injuries that you suffered through no fault of your own is an extremely frustrating experience. Add the resulting medical bills to that, and things can quickly get overwhelming. No one deserves to suffer physically or financially because someone else made a poor decision. Intoxicated drivers have no place on the streets of Oklahoma. Fortunately, personal injury laws allow car accident victims to send that message loud and clear.

Source:, "Car Crash Ends In Tusla Man's DUI Arrest," Dee Duran, Aug. 25, 2013

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