Car swerving around debris causes multi-vehicle crash in Tulsa

Most people in Ponca City and the surrounding area know what it means to drive safe. You obey traffic laws, use a turn signal and avoid distractions among other things. Unfortunately, you cannot control how others choose to drive. When other drivers make poor decisions, they put themselves and others in serious danger. 

That seems to be at least part of what happened on Monday when a four-vehicle pileup shut down Highway 169 in Tulsa. Police say a man was driving too quickly for conditions when he came upon some tree debris in the road. When he swerved to avoid hitting it, he crashed into a tanker truck. Unfortunately, the crash didn't end there. 

The tanker truck then hit a pickup truck, which in turn hit a nearby dump truck. The dump truck collided with the guardrail of the highway and overturned. The driver of the first vehicle and the pickup truck driver both suffered minor injuries in the crash. The car accident left the dump truck driver with a cut on his head.

Although the first driver received a citation for failing to maintain a safe speed, a citation is hardly punishment. Multiple people were injured in this collision, and some may end up with expensive medical bills because of it. In situations like this, victims of a car accident may want to consider Oklahoma's personal injury laws.

When a victim is injured in a crash, he or she has the option to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident. If successful, a personal injury lawsuit can lead to compensation for medical bills and other damages related to the crash. Someone else's poor judgment shouldn't force you into debt. An attorney can help explain how to file a claim.

Source:, "Tree Debris On Tulsa highway Leads To Chain Reaction Wreck," July 29, 2013