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Taking steps to get back into the social scene after divorce

As a married person, you likely spent most of your social time with your spouse. You likely had the same circle of friends and attended the same events. Now that you are single, you have to work toward getting back into the social scene without having your spouse there with you.

Reclaiming your social life can take time. There are several things that you need to think about when you are trying to do this. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

When misdiagnosis of a fatal condition is malpractice

Many residents of Oklahoma probably recognize that medicine is not an exact science. Despite amazing advances in technology, diagnosing someone's medical condition still involves a doctor's engaging in a certain amount of guesswork. What this means is that from time to time, the doctor is going to be wrong.

Naturally, this does not always mean that a doctor is always negligent when or she misdiagnoses an Oklahoma patient's medical condition. However, the error can be devastating to the life of a patient, particularly if their true condition is serious or potentially fatal, and they waste valuable time and resources barking up the wrong tree.

DUI penalties in Oklahoma can derail your future

Motor vehicles are incredible tools that make modern life simpler. Their use also results in thousands of deaths and severe injuries every year. In order to reduce the potential for severe crashes, the government has placed restrictions on when and how people can drive. Some of the most harshly enforced driving rules are the ones that deal with drug or alcohol impairment behind the wheel.

Impaired drivers cause a substantial number of serious car accidents, so Oklahoma has placed limits on alcohol use. Those with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher when driving could face criminal charges for driving under the influence (DUI). Those charges not only create a criminal record that can haunt you, they carry criminal penalties, such as jail time, loss of your license and steep fines.

Helping Oklahomans deal with drug charges

Lots of Ponca City residents and other Oklahomans, for whatever reason, struggle with drug abuse. The problem is bad enough on its own, but it is compounded when police and prosecutors have caught a person using drugs illegally or having illegal drugs and threaten to impose serious penalties that can really alter a person's life.

In other cases, a person may find himself or herself falsely accused of a drug crime or being swept in to a prosecution when the reality is they were in the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time. On a related point, there are others who have been victims of police overreaching, as it is an unfortunate fact that sometimes, in their zeal to pursue drug crimes, police act without a warrant or otherwise outside the law.

Study: When the clocks fall back, assaults increase

Certain times of the year can see increases in certain types of crimes. A recent study points to something that is coming up this weekend typically being the leading edge of such a time when it comes to assault. This is the turning back of the clocks by an hour for the end of daylight saving time. This year, this is occurring on Nov. 5.

The study looked at what happens with assault levels at both the start of daylight saving time (when clocks spring ahead in the front part of the year) and the end of daylight saving time (when clocks fall back in the back part of the year). The study found that the time right after daylight saving time starts sees around a 3 percent drop in assaults. It found that that time immediately following the end of daylight saving time sees the opposite trend, a nearly 3 percent increase in assaults.

If the accident was my fault, can I get workers' compensation?

Like the other states, Oklahoma's workers' compensation system is a no-fault system. What this means is that, even if an injured worker in or around Ponca City, Oklahoma, could have prevented his or her own injury with a little more care or even if he or she outright violated a company rule, an Oklahoma employer is still supposed to pay workers' compensation benefits.

This no-fault system is great in that assures an employee that in the vast majority of accidents, he or she will get compensated for what some might see as the most important expenses, such as the worker's medical bills and a portion of his or her lost wages.

Oklahoma tops nation in female incarceration rate

There are many fears a person may have when accused of a crime. Among these are fears that their situation could lead to them having to spend time in jail or prison. Being incarcerated can have major lasting impacts on a person and their family. What options a person accused of a crime would have for trying to avoid facing prison or jail time in their case depends on the circumstances. Skilled attorneys can advise individuals accused of crimes here in Oklahoma of what their particular situation means for what options they have for responding to the charges against them and for fighting to keep their case from resulting in life-altering consequences, such as incarceration.

Given how impactful incarceration is, what a state's incarceration rates are is a significant issue. One area in which Oklahoma has been seeing very high incarceration rates is in the incarceration of women. This can be seen in government statistics noted in a recent Reveal article.

The legality of police sobriety checkpoints in Oklahoma

As many residents of Ponca City and other parts of Oklahoma know, police sometimes set up roadblocks in order to check passing motorists to see if they are too intoxicated to drive. If the police discover some evidence of intoxication during the course of one of these roadblocks, they may do further investigation and, depending on what they find, arrest the driver and ask the local prosecutor to file an OWI charge against him or her.

While Oklahoma does not have a law on the books specifically allowing police officers to conduct these sorts of roadblocks, the courts of Oklahoma have ruled that no law, not even the constitution prohibits this type of police activity either.

Factors that can up the severity of drunk driving accusations

There are some decisions that can have reverberations throughout a person's life. Among these are the decisions one makes when one is facing accusations of driving while under the influence. So, how accurate of information a person accused of drunk driving here in Oklahoma has on the rights they have and what options they could pursue as they navigate their case can be of incredible significance. This underscores how important obtaining the representation of a skilled DUI defense lawyer can be when facing such allegations.

Among the things that make facing DWI charges such a potentially life-altering experience are the significant penalties a conviction on such charges can carry. These penalties can impact many things, including a person's freedom, professional life, financial situation, driver's license status and personal relationships.

Before filing for divorce, take these steps to prepare

When you make the decision to file for a divorce, you may be wondering when you should start the process. Perhaps you think it will be easier on your children to wait for the school year to end. Or, maybe there is a family event coming up that you do not want to spoil. While these reasons are acceptable, you definitely should not file for divorce until you are fully prepared.

Divorce is often very complicated. You will have to make decisions regarding finances, dividing marital property and working out a custody schedule with your soon-to-be-ex. By following the steps below, you can properly prepare for your divorce.