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Is there any type of work accident I can't get compensation for?

As many readers of this blog recognize already, Oklahoma's workers' compensation system is considered no fault, meaning that if a Ponca City worker gets hurt on the job, then he or she can get help with medical expenses and income replacement even if he or she is partially or even almost completely responsible for an accident.

However, there are some notable exceptions to this general no fault rule. For one, although not an exception in the strict sense of the word, a worker has to actually be on the job in order to be able to collect workers' compensation benefit. So, a worker who happens to slip and fall on the way in to work may not be eligible for compensation.

Will Oklahoma legalize medical marijuana?

Marijuana possession charges have the potential to significantly alter a person's life. A conviction on such a charge here in Oklahoma could trigger all kinds of major consequences.

So, when a person has such charges leveled against them, what options they have for fighting the charges can be of great significance. What options are available depends of the details of the case against them. Having an inaccurate picture of one's options could lead to a person missing important routes to protect their interests and rights in this impactful situation. So, talking over what they can do to respond to such charges with an experienced defense attorney can be important for individuals facing marijuana possession allegations.

Understanding the penalties for an Oklahoma DUI charge

Most people understand that alcohol, illegal drugs and even prescription medication can lead to issues when driving. Impairment can lead to erratic driving, missing critical signs or signals and delayed reaction times. When someone chooses to get behind the wheel after drinking, everyone on the road is in increased danger as a result.

In order to reduce the number of intoxication-related crashes and make the roads safer for everyone, Oklahoma has a no-nonsense approach to alcohol and driving. If law enforcement officers have reason to believe that someone is under the influence, that person can be stopped, subjected to sobriety and chemical tests and arrested if the concern gets substantiated by the tests. From there, the accused will face very serious penalties.

Many household items can be considered drug paraphernalia

When it comes to drug usage, many illegal substances require additional accessories to get the drug into a person's system. Depending on the drug, these accessories could be something as obvious as a syringe or as unassuming as a plastic zip top bag.

These accessories, formally called drug paraphernalia, have consequences for possessing them with the intent of doing drugs. Even if the drug itself is not in a person's possession, there are criminal penalties for having paraphernalia.

Basketball game fight leads to arrest

When tempers run high, there can sometimes be the chance of physical altercations arising. Among the serious things fights can lead to are criminal charges.

This can be seen in an incident that occurred here in Oklahoma that KFOR recently reported on. According to KFOR, last weekend at a basketball game at a gym in Oklahoma City, a fight broke out between a coach and a referee. Purportedly, the fight started when the coach struck the referee with a clipboard following verbal altercations. According to police, a parent was inadvertently struck by the referee when the parent attempted to intervene.

Parents arrested in connection with child's death

It is every parent's worst nightmare to have one of their children die, particularly when the death is sudden and completely unexpected. However, what makes this nightmare scenario even worse is when, after an accident or an unexplained death, the parents are eyed with suspicion, as if they were the ones at fault.

Two young people in Oklahoma have been arrested and charged with murder following the death of the woman's two-year-old daughter. The other person arrested was described as the mom's boyfriend; however, the exact nature of his relationship to the child is not clear.

New DUI database being used in Oklahoma

Some police agencies in Oklahoma are starting to use a new tool in their drunk driving enforcement efforts. This tool is a DUI database.

The database contains information on DUIs and DUI arrests in Oklahoma. The idea is for police departments in the state and their officers to have a resource where they can look up the DUI history of individuals. The database is also being used to create a map of where the point of last drink was for the drivers in the database.

What you should know about the SSA appeals process

If you have suffered an illness or injury that prevents you from working in the Ponca City area, you may have attempted to file a claim for Social Security Benefits. Unfortunately, the application process can be very complicated and if you do not complete it properly, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will automatically deny your claim. This does not mean that you will never receive Social Security Disability benefits or that you do not suffer from a disability. Instead, what it means is that you need to try again.

After an initial denial of Social Security Disability benefits, you can appeal the decision with the SSA. The process can be long and just as complicated as the application process, however, if you are persistent and have the right help, you can get the benefits you deserve. Read further to find out more about the SSA appeals process.

What are my options if I blew over .08?

Ponca City residents and Oklahomans in the surrounding area facing drunk driving charges may have the misconception that, if they were caught driving and wound up blowing over a .08 blood alcohol content on a Breathalyzer or other certified testing device, they have no real options and should just plead guilty and take their punishment.

The reality, though, is that people who have "failed" a breath test have several legal options and defenses available to them. This is a good thing since, in many cases, even a first-time DUI offense with not special circumstances can put a long-term financial burden on a person and, theoretically, can still lead to jail time.

Don't underestimate the seriousness of misdemeanor charges

When a person is facing criminal charges, underestimating the potential consequences they could face could lead to truly costly mistakes. One class of charge that people might be prone to underestimating the seriousness of are misdemeanor charges.

The word "misdemeanor" may not invoke the same sorts of fears and emotions that "felony" does when it comes to criminal charges, given the major penalties associated with felony offenses. However, being convicted on a misdemeanor charge still has the potential to throw a person's life upside-down for a very long time. A misdemeanor conviction, and the mark it puts on a person's record, could harm many things for a person, including their:

  • Employment prospects and opportunities.
  • Transportation options, as some misdemeanor convictions carry license suspensions as penalties.
  • Financial well-being, through fines and the other financial consequences of a conviction.
  • Reputation.
  • Ability to get the types of loans they need to achieve their financial goals.
  • Ability to rent the living space they want.