Social Security Appeals For Denied Claims In Northern Oklahoma

If your application for Social Security benefits has been denied, don't feel like you have no further say in the matter and that you will never receive benefits. You have the right to challenge the decision, and an experienced Social Security appeals attorney can help to ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve.

Most people do not understand their rights in Social Security cases. Once they receive a denial notice, they wrongly assume that the decision is final. In fact, there is a complete appeals process available where you can provide additional evidence and seek to have the denial overturned.

At Devinney Law Firm, we have resolved complex Social Security cases for clients across Oklahoma. Let us help you recover what you should be receiving. Se habla español.

Helping You Through Every Stage Of The Appeals Process For SSD

Many firms only get involved in a Social Security case after the initial application for benefits has been denied. Our attorneys will assist you with the initial application and do everything in our power to get your application approved on the first try.

If your application for benefits is denied, we will represent you in an appeal. We have experience at every stage of the Social Security Disability appeals process, including the following:

  • Reconsiderations
  • Administrative law judge (ALJ) hearings
  • Appeals Councils
  • Federal Court appeals

Contact Devinney Law Firm About Your Social Security Case

Contact our office to discuss your Social Security Disability claim with one of our lawyers. We offer a free initial consultation to all new clients. You can reach us in Ponca City at 580-765-9660, in Stillwater at 405-707-9660 or toll free at 866-327-0545. You can also reach us via email.

All SSDI and SSI cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. In a contingency fee arrangement, you do not pay any attorney fees unless we win your case.