Guiding You Through Divorce

A divorce can be a stressful time but when a marriage is not working or beneficial, it can also be a time when one door closes and another opens.

Taking The Anxiety Out Of The Process

Many people worry about being taken advantage of during a divorce. You may be wondering how the finances and property will be divided, and how to work out an effective child care plan. With a knowledgeable and experienced attorney advisor to guide you, this does not have to be a time of intense stress. Working with someone who acts as your personal advocate can have a large impact on your financial future.

Professional Legal Guidance

At Devinney Law Firm we can guide you through the divorce process. We can counsel you to ensure your rights as an ex-spouse and as a parent are protected. When facing divorce there are some questions that will need to be answered including:

  • Who will keep the house?
  • Who will pay for the mortgage, property taxes and repairs on the house?
  • If the house sells, how will the money be divided?
  • Who will keep the car or vehicles?
  • Will one spouse pay alimony or support?
  • How will retirement or savings accounts be divided?

Oklahoma's Fault-Based Grounds

While the law about fault or no-fault divorce varies from state to state, Oklahoma is a "fault" state. This means a spouse may file for divorce because his or her partner is guilty of "marital misconduct." The state allows for a person to file on the grounds of:

  1. Abandonment/desertion of at least one year, including incarceration
  2. Habitual drunkenness or drug use
  3. Impotency
  4. Adultery
  5. If the wife becomes pregnant by another man

Oklahoma's Mandatory Waiting Period

Oklahoma has a mandatory waiting period to file a divorce before the divorce may be granted.

  • 10 days if there are no minor children
  • 90 days if there are minor children

You may risk being taken advantage of if you forgo legal representation during a divorce. Speak to an attorney to understand your options and the process.

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