Legal Protection In Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime, especially for the first time, is a scary and serious matter. Work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are legally protected.

Our Job Is To Protect You

If you have been arrested and charged, contact a reputable criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more difficult it can be to get charges dismissed or reduced. Once you call we can help you stemming from:

  • Public intoxication
  • Traffic violations
  • Assault
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Drug possession
  • Other drug charges

The Consequences Of A Misdemeanor

While a misdemeanor may not on the surface appear to be a serious issue, the consequence can last a long time and can greatly interfere with your life. For example, you may get a suspended license, a blemish on your record, which could cause damage to your reputation and affect your job. Your ability to rent or receive certain types of loans may also be affected. Additionally, a second offense can result in a felony charge. Speak with an established criminal defense attorney about your options and potential penalties.

A Strong, Prepared Defense

The best way to ensure that you are fully protected is to work with an attorney who knows the law and can create an effective and strategic defense plan. The attorneys at the Devinney Law Firm have over 75 years of combined experience and are seasoned trial attorneys. We know how to negotiate and we will aggressively defend you.

We Can Help

If you are facing criminal charges, call the Devinney Law Firm. We will get you the help you need. With offices in both Stillwater and Ponca City, we are nearby and ready to help. Call 580-765-9660 to reach our Ponca City location, 405-707-9660 to reach our Stillwater location, toll free at 866-327-0545 and or email us and we will respond promptly, usually within 24 hours.